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Sunday, April 28, 2013

A Lot To Do, A Little Motivation

Eh. It is one of those days. Staring at the computer screen, hoping to write, but getting absolutely nothing done days. Not to mention my desk is a mess, there is a pile at the foot of my bed that needs tending to, and I have a load of laundry I should have done yesterday. All that and it's already 1:51 in the afternoon. I have a meager two hours before I have to get ready for work.


Absolutely nothing done.

I am a procrastinator, as you've probably gathered, and I think it's come to the point in my life where I have so much to do the thought of being productive overwhelms me. I do not know where to begin. There is so much unfinished business I don't know where to direct my attention. So the internet gets it. Endless searches, information overload, useless videos.


I have been handed all the tools I need to be productive. I know I need accountability. I need to keep my own promises to myself. I need to turn off the internet more. But I never do. Is it lack of motivation? Am I procrastinating putting an end to my procrastination? Thus, the days tick by and I feel increasingly stressed with all the things and all the wasted time.

One of those things has been blogging. I haven't blogged. I was so inspired to start my own blog and then suddenly I run out of ideas. *eyeroll* Anyway, allow me to kill two birds with one stone here, and implore you for any tips and tricks you may have. Any words of wisdom. How do you get stuff done?

On that note, happy Sunday!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Enrollment deposit? Whaaaat?

It's been been just a week or two shy of one month since I launched this blog in the hopes that it would inspire me to start blogging again. That right there is perfect proof of how hopelessly I've fallen into the trap of PROCRASTINATION. (Lots of P's there. But really, it's true!)

Anyhows, I'd like to begin this bloggerly journey with a pretty significant life update, and to give a shot at the kind of blogging I've always wanted to do, but been too afraid to try. Personal blogging. About experiences, questions, life's ups and downs. I mean, let's face it. It's a scary vulnerable thing to share your thoughts and feelings with sometimes perfect strangers. Heck, the internet itself is scary! But methinks I've let these scaries keep me from the goodness that might come out of an endeavor like this.

Mind you, that's not all I want to do. I'll still post writerly things, maybe some recipes, photographs, funnies. Who knows? That's the beauty of a personal blog. It can be whatever you want it to be. And it's just gonna take me a bit to figure out what I want that to be.


I'll start with the title of this post. Enrollment deposit. Because yes, I totally just payed my enrollment deposit at a local college. (EEEEP!) I am suddenly full of excitement for the future because IT'S NOW OFFICIAL. I will be attending college in the fall!! *happy happy dance*

You may be wondering WHAT MAJOR, MAGGIE? Or you may not give a chocolate cupcake what I do with my time, but either way, I'll tell you. I am undecided, for a complicated array of reasons. First and foremost, as you know I'm a dancer, and dancers often want to do dance-ish things with their futures, and yes, I want to do a dancer-ish thing with my future, which I'm not sure how yet. And because I had some certain perks and scholarship opportunities that would 'expire', so to speak, if I did not start college this fall, and so I've decided to take advantage of them and just START, unsure or not. And also simply because THERE ARE TOO MANY AWESOMES. How will I ever choooose?

But should the dance-at-college thing not work out, I am leaning toward a major in Psychology with a minor in Entrepreneurship. I know, I know. That's not very writerly! But (and I'd like to take this moment to say that if you are majoring in ANYTHING writerly, I respect and admire you and find nothing wrong with it!) I don't see any personal value in a major like that. I will write, regardless. And if it is meant to be, will be published, regardless. A degree will not make me successful. Hard work, dedication, critiquest, etc. will make me successful. And talent, I s'pose. Gotta have that. Thus I'd rather study something that will help my OTHER career plan-- dance! Though really, who knows?  I am the kind of person who could always find something to study at university and be happy with it. (Not saying I'd be happy with just anything, but saying there are many things that interest me. Many!)

Now that I've bored you with the recent events in my life, I'd like very much to hear about all of yours. Especially those of you who have found your way over here from Twin Moment and who I've missed hearing from so much. WHAT'S NEW? What are y'all writing? Reading? (And yes, I just used y'all. I am getting in touch with my southern self these days.)

See you in the comments! As always, there will be hot beverages.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Welcome to my blog!

Well. This is always intimidating, this first post thing. I've been here before-- a few times, actually. Most recently when starting Twin Moment, shared with Constance (which, by the way, you can feel free to peruse at any point to read what I've (we've?) written in the past.)

Today, I'm starting fresh. I've been tossing around the idea of starting a new blog for a while now and have finally decided it's time to stop tossing and start blogging. My vision is for it to be more personal than any of my blogs thus far. I want to write about everything-- my traveling, my experiences, my goals and dreams and failures -- in the hopes that you'll not only enjoy it but take something out of it. Learn along with me, so to speak.

Of course, that's just the initial image. It could change. Probably will. I think it's safe to say that we'll just wait and see what happens, yes?

Welcome, officially, to Playing On The Train. I can't wait to share many a moment with you!